We usually start our travel before even arriving. Cities are captured rather tightly within blogs, travel books and YouTube videos. You lie down your bed with iPad on one hand and the other clenching from excitement. What we find interesting (sometimes quirky) end up on an itinerary. Carefully crafted to maximize the time allotted. 

No time wasters please!

However some travelers, like me, want to unwind. Disengage from the world, family and work. 

Arriving in a new city is what I need. Imediately grab a book and google the best cafe nearest to you. No reading would be done though. The book is just a cover. I want experience something beyond the pages of my book. 

At the cafe find the best vantage point. Preferably at a side walk cafe. Or grab the coffee and your book then look for steps or a park. That would do too. 

Look out to the new city. The outline of building old and new encapsulating the city like a post card. You look around for people. After all what makes a city is its people Buildings are fantastic. Merge it with people there you have great story. People add breath life into cities. 
People watching is, if not, the best part of any travel whether you leave your home or not. You learn a lot by simply watching. You look out your window and take it all in. Tempt yourselve with questions? Where the properly dressed lady rushing to? To work or to meet a lover. Did she have a morning coffee? How big is her family? Is she new to the city? Does she belong to a family at all? When is her birthday? Does she love to travel. Has she been to Singapore? Did she sip coffee in a cafe and looked at you and wondered some questions herself EA. 

Travel is wonderful. Why we do it we may never know. But at that moment it gives joy to us and to the world. 


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